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Climate Debate, Options & Rational

I heard about the Greenhouse Effect in the early 80’s and I’ve been waiting to see when the general public would start to get the picture, and now we have. Now we have a debate but it’s only a public debate the scientists all agree (all but the few) but the public isn’t listening to the scientists, the tens of thousand of educated men and women who study and know all the background information that has led to their opinions.

The general public listens to the popular and noisy commentators who aren’t as educated or have vested interests elsewhere.

However… Maybe the scientists may be wrong… Sure, nothing is for certain. Look at the panic caused about the Y2K problem. Fizzier wasn’t it? What a waste of money. Although, have you ever wondered that maybe all the work done because of the concern that was created may have averted the problem so it never happened and now we have the benefits of no problem, just a few dollars spent.

Well what if the same situation plays out with global climate change?

Here is the best way I’ve come across to explain it.


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