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Ep 75 : Alick. Art from the Torres Straits to the World.

Sculpting a Dugong for casting in Bronze

Carving Dugong by Alick Topoti

Alick Topoti carving original Torres Strait designs

In this Episode 75 of Your Story we talk to Alick Tipoti about his preparation for a forthcoming exhibition in Monaco about his Torres Strait culture, it’s differences from the Australian Aboriginal and similarity to Melanesian cultures. We also discuss how he expresses his culture in paint, sculpture and dance.

Dugong by Alick Tipoti from Ian Kath on Vimeo.

Sculpting a Dugong

Recently while working at Urban Art Projects here in Brisbane, I had the opportunity to work with indigenous Torres Strait artist Alick in manufacturing a large dugong sculpture to be cast into bronze by theUAP foundry.

Torres Strait Dugong by Alick Topoti

Finished cast bronze Dugong

The video below shows the detail workmanship Alick used to share his cultural motifs and the production of the final, exceptional beautiful bronze casting to be shown at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco from March to September 2016, as part of a greater exhibition of Australian Indigenous Art.

Alick’s website is AlickTipoti.com

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  • Kevin Farkas Tuesday, 2 February, 2016, 7:46 am

    Thanks Ian, for another fascinating audio conversation!

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