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Your Story Ep 22 : Romy. Social Circus, Berlin, The Wall.


Welcome To Episode 22 of Your Story Addendum.

Today we chat with Romy who while studying Social Services has continued to work and develop her childhood passion for Social Circus as a mechanism to enable children to develop and grow their communication skills, self worth and community interactions.Romy Juggling She now has a huge opportunity to help develop the concept of Social Circus in the United States which will develop the concept even further.

Romy explains a little of the support that the German government gives to single parents to enable them to support both their studies and raising their children and how she has been able to develop with the aid of the support of the government.

We briefly discuss the new post Berlin Wall interactions between East and West Germans and a little of the inequity that is still present between East and West.

Her website is ro-und-ro.blogspot.com

Her Email is romy.backofen@googlemail.com

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