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New Vertical Stainless Steel Cable Balustrading System support for This Podcast.

Recently a good friend of mine has asked me to get involved in helping him roll out his new product. Ok, it’s not a high tech product but we all still have to live somewhere and this is for the building industry.

Brett has developed a much needed system for quickly installing a vertical stainless steel balustrading. He has done a lot of research on the concept and has found a much needed gap in the market for vertical wire balustrades as the existing systems involve complicated tensioning systems often involving many expensive stainless steel fittings and complicated installation systems.

What I think he has come up with in the Sentrel Balustrading System is a neat, visually light product that resolves the problems of horizontal cable systems and the dangerous climbing foot holds they present while maintaining the prevention of penetration from some one through the balustrade.

When he showed me the finished panels I was surprised that they look so neat and this I found was due to the hardwood railings being pre-finished before assembling so there is no need to paint after the cables are installed.

The reason I’m mentioning this is Brett has asked me to show this around and I’m hoping that the income from this will help to enable me to spend more time on Your Story Podcast which is ultimately what I want to achieve. I will be having a conversation with him at some stage so you will hear about this when you listen but also many years ago he had an amazing life changing experience that I would like him to share with you.

If your interested in contacting me regarding Sentrel Balustrading contact me at ian@sentrel.com.auSentrel Balistrading

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