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Election Time – Which Minority Should We Pick On? Sudanese!

It’s election time again in Australia and the government is on the ropes with the first real opposition in over a decade. This time there is a real threat of them losing.

With the last couple of elections the government has been given and taken the opportunity of finding an enemy for the masses to focus on and to take there minds off the other political issues that might be of any embarrassment to the government.

First it was to join our comrade in arms George W. Bush and go and fight the new menace of terrorism which threatened the very nature of our society(of which Iraq had nothing to do with), then it was the invasion of our precious country by the Arab Hordes including men, women and children in leaky boats traveling from Indonesia hell bent on invasion (no, probably just survival).

So it worked in the last couple of elections, so what will it be this time?

I’ve noticed that as the time is getting closer, nothing has arrived in the form of a natural or man made calamity for the government. They have used an event in the past to help them distract us from the real issues so what will they use this time? The date that an election must be called is fast approaching so what will be the created menace that will surface?

If it doesn’t develop naturally it’s possible to create it, just follow the formula.

Choose a healthy bunch of some minority, preferably one with little or no voting base and significantly different in some way (sexual, religious, ethnic or culture). Ensure that the rest of the Australian community has little knowledge of and is ambivalent about them. Find a point where they could be in conflict with some aspect of the general community no matter how tenuous. Pick on the issue identified and beat it up out of all proportions and show that it is of national importance. Then show a proactive attitude towards this issue as if the Government is the only ones who can solve it and let it go on and on and on in the media . Hopefully it will blowup into a huge ruckus and everyone will be distracted from the real issues which will be swept aside as the election is played out and the masses will buy that the Government is protecting us from a non existing threat.

Imagine the brain storming that went into it.

“Ok guys we need a minority to pick on, who do you recommend?”
“The Asians?”
“No we need their votes and trade.”
“The gays?”
“No we need there votes and there are too many now.”
“The Arabs?”
“Nope used them last time, they won’t fall for that again.”
“I know lets chose a minority that is so small we can lose their few votes, one that is physically and culturally different to us, one with a different religion and one that the rest of the country doesn’t know or care about. Lets pick on the Sudanese…”
“The Who?”
“The Sudanese. They come from Africa, their black and there isn’t many of them. Now the angle???”
“Have any of them been in trouble?”
“A couple but no more than any other portion of the population.”
“Great that’s the angle. Cultural differences cause Sudanese to not fit Australian Values.”
“Now we need a patsy to bring this up in the media, not someone too high profile in case there is any fall out and some one we can distance ourselves from if necessary?”
“Hey does any know Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews number?”

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