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Your Story Ep 31 : Marty. Fair Trade Coffee Roaster with Community Awareness


Welcome To Episode 31 of Your Story.Black Star Coffee

Today we talk with Marty Richards who recently set up yet another coffee shop in my local area of West End, but with a twist. I asked him how he could enable himself to stand out in an area with a multitude of coffee shops and what makes him different.

To my surprise I discovered that not only does he roast and take a great deal of care with the craft of the barista.

Marty next to the roaster

With his Blackstar Coffee there is a mission to use fair trade coffee with his own particular blends. Also he has an underlying social consciousness not only with where the coffee is sourced but also the integration of the local West End community in ways that surprised me.

His website is BlackStarCoffee.com.au
email is marty@blackstarcoffee.com.au
44 Thomas Street, West End, Brisbane, Qld, Australia
Phone +61732172323

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Music is ‘Blackstar’ taken from Peter B & The Homeless Souls’ debut album, ‘Far From Home’ recorded in London and Brisbane. It is available at Blackstar Espresso Bar, or by contacting Peter at peterb@gmail.com
The site is http://itspeterb.wordpress.com
On Facebook – the group is called SECONDHANDRECORDS, and there are free tracks to download through the My Band
Peter B & The Homeless Souls
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  • Adam Daniel Mezei Monday, 2 March, 2009, 9:46 pm


    Good to hear for once from a kiwi on the show, but there was that incessant chirping of the cicada in the background — or the Aussie version of same (did you notice it?). I thought — at first — t’was a mobile phone buzzing off in the background, only to quickly realize that it was antipodean fauna (aka, the stuff that can kill ya!). 😉

    Still can’t do direct downloads for eps. #8 and onward, bro. Want to be able to travel with these…not tied to the life-draining silcon-derived machine. Would it be possible to restore the download option?

    Ta and saluting you as always from Golden Prague,

    • Ian Thursday, 5 March, 2009, 1:39 pm

      Yes sadly the native funa wouldn’t shut up. I didn’t realise how distracting it was until I came back to it. Back ground noise is the bane of recording audio but at least now I know one more thing to avoid.

  • Ross Hill Monday, 25 May, 2009, 7:56 pm

    Just listened to this one – very interesting to hear the background of a local roaster. Thanks Ian and Marty.

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