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Route Around to Censorship in UK

Today I came across this post from The Nock Blog about the clumsy attempts to filter internet content in the UK. As they are attempting to block child pornography they seem to be throwing up false positives for social networking sites and Wikipedia preventing them from being viewed.

I don’t pretend to understand all that is mentioned but the content and comments show what has been said many times in this discussion that censorship filters will flag friendly sites inadvertently and that the design of the internet will cause any censorship to be seen as damage and will be routed around, so at the end of the day it won’t work.

Here is that very discussion taking place to achieve those ends to get around the inefficiencies of the filter and still have the web working. The bad guys will be doing the same.

Here is a radical thought.

Instead of making it difficult, use the internet to find kiddy porn perpetrators. Don’t force them underground further, use it to identified, tracked and catch them.

And leave your grubby hands off our internet!

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