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Your Story Ep 10 : Dave. Film, Adventure and Kite Sledding Hudson Bay.


Welcome To Episode Ten of Your Story.

Thanks everyone for your support. This being Episode Ten I see it as a small milestone of what will hopefully be bigger things into the future.

One of the great pleasures of working in a variety of different fields over the years is that I’ve has the advantage to meet with some amazing people and as a group the people in the film industry I find particularly fascinating. They are generally creative, intelligent and have a view slightly skewed to the rest of the world.

Today we talk with Dave Goldie who is one of those free thinking individuals that we meet from time to time who comes from the film industry but additionally has the adventuring spirit .

Dave Goldie I worked with Dave on Matrix 2&3 in Special Effects where I always enjoyed his intellect and perspective on life that prompted me to think about things that I hadn’t always considered.

We discuss his views on working in the film industry and an opportunity lost to make a political statement at the Sydney Olympics.

Dave is now preparing for his latest adventure to Kite Sled around Hudson Bay, Canada in April an adventure I’m looking forward to hearing about.

Stay Tuned people!

UPDATE 14 May 2009

Since recording this episode Dave has been to Canada twice. Last year on the way to Hudson bay they were involved in a serious car accident where Dave was smashed up quite bad but still managed to do a considerable amount of Kitesleding.

This years expedition has been far more successful with some brilliant adventures.

To see more go to KiteSled.com and read all about the trips and the technology, not to mention some stunning images.

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