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Hello world, another newbie gets started!!!

Greetings For anyone who may be interested now or may one day return to hopefully see how it all started allow me to introduce myself and get the hang of this place. My name is Ian and I’m a fairly average 47 year old Australian man in that I’ve done the job, career, marriage thing. I have a 16 year old daughter and a good active social life. The reason for this blog is to have a place to interact and place information that I want to get out particularly in regards to my upcoming podcast. That is in the last phases of development as I have the equipment and I’m putting all the bits together to make it happen. I’ve found it quite challenging to get the equipment organized as I’m planning on producing an interview based podcast and I’m in the need of good outside recording equipment. This has only recently been sorted and now it’s time to start getting the interviews recorded and edited. There is still a lot to be done as I want this project to be of the best quality that I can achieve and I’m attempting to get as many of the “i” dotted and “t” crossed before I launch. If you happen to trip across this blog before I launch could you please come back and check occasionally so that you can experience what I’m hoping will be a podcast to help us all learn from one another to find more community and satisfaction in our lives. A way of learning about ourselves through the experience of others. Best of Days Ian

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